Changing Perceptions

The creeping ‘conversion’ of public bridleways into blacktopped high-speed cycle tracks in Newcastle upon Tyne shows no sign of being reversed. Actually, the route at issue this time is a restricted byway rather than a bridleway, and the Ordnance Survey has shown it as a RUPP, and then as an RB, from the start of rights of way depiction.

Now, online ‘Explorer‘ OS mapping is showing the way, to the west of ‘Gosforth Golf Club’, and south to ‘Dentmires Bridge’, as a cycle route, with the RB symbol removed. We wonder who told the OS to do this? Anyway, a letter to the Ordnance Survey has brought the prompt reply that the restricted byway symbol will “be corrected on the data on the refresh in March 2016.” Eternal vigilance is, it seems, the price of stopping the misinformation monkeys in their (cycle) tracks.

Heathery Lane grab

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