The Byways and Bridleways Trust was formed in 1979. Click the image below to see the news release that accompanied the inauguration event on 28 February 1979.

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In its earlier years, the Byways and Bridleways Trust ran a number of seminars on diverse aspects of rights of way. Some of these are now only of academic interest (e.g. reclassifying RUPPs), but some topics remain relevant. As with all materials on this site, some parts have inevitably been overtaken by changes to the law and our understanding of the law. The papers from the seminars have been bundled together into one PDF file:

Seminar Papers 1984-1996.

Extracts from Ordnance Survey and other papers setting out how the surveyors depicted ‘rights of way’ in the era before the definitive map:

The Use of Ordnance Survey Maps Before the Depiction of Rights of Way, by Catriona Cook.