JfA2016 Day 2: Flat tyres and traffic

Today Venetia joined Elsa and I.

Arriving where the ponies were staying, we found a flat tyre on the trailer. Aargh!  Luckily we are members of the Organisation of Horse Box and Trailer Owners. Contacting them was easy and they gave their usual efficient response although it meant that Venetia and I set off an hour late. Elsa was left to deal with the tyre which was resolved by fitting a new one, so thank you OHTO for sorting us out.  Thanks also to our ponies’ host, Kate, who ably helped Elsa load Nicky who can be opinionated about these matters and could have delayed Elsa even further!

I was not looking forward this day’s ride as it was mainly on road, but the weather was superb, the scenery stunning and the lanes virtually traffic-free proving yet again that there is roadwork and roadwork.


That changed later when we descended a bridleway at Whitestone to meet the first real traffic which wasn’t pleasant. We noticed that there was a garage forecourt (fenced in but with a far exit) so for safety we plunged in for welcome respite.  This was White Horse Motors, selling some very nice horse boxes and trailers, so we struck up conversation. They don’t normally have their clients arriving with the horses!  If we’d had more time we could have checked out the ponies’ reactions to some of their products. So thank you for your banter and donation to our cause, it is much appreciated and anyone looking for a trailer, do call on them.

In Day 3 we have to cope with crossing the mainline railway at grade, the River Exe via a bridleway running alongside the railway line, the M5 and Exeter Airport.  You’ll hear how we got on with that lot soon!

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