JfA 2016 Day 5: Rest Day? What’s a Rest Day?

The ponies are bearing up better than the humans with this trip. Venetia was quite scornful that we were doing less than 20 miles per day and that we were having a rest day so soon. But firstly, we are all getting older, secondly finding B&Bs that would take horses was well nigh impossible and thirdly with the increase in work load from rights of way stuff, none of us have had time to devote to getting ourselves or the horses fit enough. So I have delighted in teasing V when she started saying she was really looking forward to our rest day.

The ponies are now getting their own back. Straight after breakfast Nicky was reported as having his leg stuck in the wire netting fence. Luckily I travel with a set of tools ever since I had a horse get wire stuck between its shoe and its hoof. So I produced wire cutters, and a small multi tool which has pliers and a hammer etc. and we extracted him. He has a nasty cut so we will have to keep an eye on him. Two hours later the fool had repeated the exercise, so the tools came out again and off we set to rescue him. Now we have re-done the electric fence to stop him having access to the wire fence. Next journey I do will be on the back of a motorbike so that it can be shut away in a garage on rest days!

Elizabeth joins us today, so fingers crossed that Nicky is alright for her to have a short ride tomorrow. We lose Elsa our domestic bursar this week and are being joined by Mary for a few days.

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