A Summary of Problems.

BBT Journey for Access 2016
(256 miles from Dartmoor to the New Forest)

Summary of Problems Reported to Highway Authorities

The weather this summer has been exceptionally good for the growth of vegetation. Unfortunately this has meant that many rights of way have suffered from excessive growth of grass, weeds and overhanging branches, and in many cases especially where the routes have been fenced off, not grazed and not used enough, almost total obstruction.

I wrote a total of 9 problem reports. One to Dartmoor National Park, two to Devon County Council and six to Dorset County Council. There was a total of 69 different issues, which broke down as follows:

Padlocked gates 2

Unusable gates 1

Lanes obstructed by trees 2

FP bridge over river, impassable ford 1

No signs off roads 3

Lack of Waymarks 6

Gates, too narrow, poorly hung, impossible catches etc. 24

Cropped across 2

Misleading signs, FP instead of BW, private etc. 3

Overhanging branches and fallen trees 7

Bogs, excessive mud 2

Electric fences 7

Fenced off too narrow 6

Rubbish, affecting road crossings 2

FP bridge 1

Total 69

[Under or unrecorded routes around half a dozen.]

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