Piles of Files

Practitioners in the dark arts of public inquiries will know how much of a chore it can sometimes be getting hold of the case papers early enough in the process. The Planning Inspectorate has recently updated its ‘Checklist for Order Making Authorities‘ (regarding the papers that the OMA must send to PINS with an order for determination) by adding this note:

‘To help with the smooth running of the process, and to ensure parties are able to access all the documents they require, we are encouraging you to make and retain a .pdf copy of your submissions bundle. Your submission bundle can then be conveniently emailed (or placed in an online repository such as Dropbox) to parties who request it at any time after the ‘start date’ for the orders.’

Observing only that we have seen examples where an authority can make a 4-side text pdf document nearly 10mb in size, this has to be a positive move for all concerned.

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