A Shropshire Ride

A Shropshire Ride by Bob Milton For the first time the old fogey’s brigade decided to drive past the Cotswolds and onto Shropshire for our annual riding holiday. Our old friends Nick and his wife Charlotte had recently moved to the far reaches of England to the the area around The Longmynd in Shropshire so … [Read more…]

The Future of BBT.

  The voluntary sector in rights of way and access to the countryside has been active for over 100 years. Without the energy, drive, and far-sightedness of a core of volunteers, founded upon a much wider base of interest, there would have been no Rights of Way Act 1932, no National Parks and Access to … [Read more…]

Inclosure Interpretation

Cast your mind back to the Dunlop case (1995, in the courts, and a good few years before that in process) and the arguments regarding the correct construction of the terminology used in the Glatton Inclosure Act and Award. Marvin Sanders, a resident of Sawtry, just up the road from Glatton, needs some assistance with … [Read more…]

Changing Perceptions

The creeping ‘conversion’ of public bridleways into blacktopped high-speed cycle tracks in Newcastle upon Tyne shows no sign of being reversed. Actually, the route at issue this time is a restricted byway rather than a bridleway, and the Ordnance Survey has shown it as a RUPP, and then as an RB, from the start of rights … [Read more…]

Disclaimer Disclaimed

You know how the Ordnance Survey has a ‘disclaimer’ on its maps, negating what is shown as evidence of the status of public rights of way? Well, it is not quite that simple when you dig in to the issue. Catriona Cook has written a paper on this, which is now available via this website” … [Read more…]