A Summary of Problems.

BBT Journey for Access 2016 (256 miles from Dartmoor to the New Forest) Summary of Problems Reported to Highway Authorities The weather this summer has been exceptionally good for the growth of vegetation. Unfortunately this has meant that many rights of way have suffered from excessive growth of grass, weeds and overhanging branches, and in … [Read more…]

Some Things Never Change …

Old Roads. (from The South Country by Edward Thomas 1909) Up here in the rain it utters the pathos of the old roads behind, wiped out as if writ in water, or worn deep and then deserted and surviving only as tunnels under the hazels. I wish they could always be as accessible as churches … [Read more…]

No Barrier Causes Railing

Local Government Ombudsman Decision. Complaint reference: 15 016 097. 6 June 2016. Available on the LGO website here. This Local Government Ombudsman decision arose from a complaint by Mrs X against Essex County Council alleging failure by the council in four areas. Two of particular interest are that the council: (1) failed to install signs … [Read more…]