Whiteleyshield Road, Northumberland: Added as a Restricted Byway.

FPS/P2935/7/37M (final decision) 17 December 2015. Inspector Sue Arnott. Whiteleyshield Road, not quite a mile and a half in length, but it has taken: Ten years. Two definitive map modification order applications. Two definitive map modification orders. Two Secretary of State‚Äôs Inspectors. One public hearing. Three decision letters. The decision is now reported in Inquiry … [Read more…]

Seymour and Hedges 1997

Back in 1997 Colin Seymour’s work on protecting hedgerows, and particularly those enclosing minor highways, made the national newspapers, and later influenced Parliament to toughen the law to stop wanton ‘grubbing out’. We have located some of the papers on this, assembled them into one PDF file, and put them in with the Seymour Papers … [Read more…]